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Our Story

With a legacy spanning over three decades, our journey in the world of hairstyling began in the vibrant 1980s. It was an era of experimentation and creativity, and we thrived in crafting innovative hair solutions. As time evolved, so did our commitment to excellence.

In the 1990s, the Mark James Group emerged, with multiple salons strategically positioned in and around the picturesque Staffordshire region. These salons became havens for those seeking to embrace the art of beautiful hair.

As we've matured over the years, so too has our vision. Today, nestled in our current location on Stafford's Stone Road, we have chosen to consolidate our efforts, closing our other salons. This decision was made with a singular focus – to offer an exceptionally personalised and bespoke experience to every client who walks through our doors.

At the helm of this transformation-driven salon stands our founder and owner, Sue Langston. With a wealth of experience accumulated over the years and an unwavering dedication to continuous training and growth, Sue remains in high demand. Her passion for hairstyling excellence is the driving force behind our commitment to creating transformative, confidence-boosting looks for our valued clientele.

At Mark James, we are more than just a salon; we are a haven of artistry and creativity. We invite you to be a part of our story, where the past meets the present to shape a future of custom, independent, and stunning transformations.


Experience the Mark James difference – where the journey to beautiful hair is a journey of authenticity and artistic mastery.



Why Mark James?

Behind every great success story lies a hidden hero – meet Mark James, Sue's alter ego.

In the bustling streets of the 1980s, Sue embarked on a journey to revolutionise the salon industry. Recognising the need for a consistent brand with a touch of masculinity to entice men into the world of grooming, she birthed the persona of Mark James.


With Mark by her side, Sue found the courage to defy convention, break barriers, and carve her path to success.

Mark James embodies more than just a name – it represents strength, resilience, and unwavering determination.


As Sue navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, Mark became her symbol of empowerment, her alter ego guiding her through

uncertainty and doubt.


But Mark James isn't just a name; it's a promise. A promise of quality, expertise, and unparalleled service. With Sue's passion for hairdressing and commitment to excellence at its core, Mark James Group of salons became synonymous with innovation, creativity, and integrity.

Meet The Team



Creative Director

Sue has been in the hair industry for over 40+ years, owning multiple salons and she specialises in Balayage, Foiling,

Re-styles and Be-Spoke Colouring. 



Senior Stylist

Vinnie has over 30+ years of salon experience and is Toni & Guy trained in hairdressing. He specialises in signature cuts and styling. 



SE Stylist / Self-Employed

George is a self-employed stylist and has 10+ years experience in cutting & colouring offering gorgeous total transformations. He's been educated by a top salon training school

Louise Painter


SE Stylist / Self-Employed

Louise is a self-employed stylist who specialises in all aspects of hairdressing such as cutting, colouring and perming. (Hair by Louise)

Dawn Begley


SE Stylist / Self-Employed

Dawn is a self-employed stylist and specialises in cutting and perms. (Hair by Dawn)

Jordan icon


Marketing Manager / Company Secretary

Jordan manages the social media accounts, website, digital marketing functions and financial aspects of the company.

Our vision is to transcend the ordinary and aspire to excellence, both as a salon and as dedicated hairstylists. Our unwavering commitment is to craft cutting-edge haircuts and tailor-made colour transformations that reflect the unique desires of our cherished clients.

 We understand that maintaining the health and vibrancy of your hair goes beyond the salon visit. That's why we've meticulously curated a range of hair products and home-care essentials to cater to every hair type and individual preferences.

Whether your hair craves moisture, volume, or a touch of luxury, we have the perfect solutions to ensure your hair looks and feels its absolute best.

We don't just create beautiful hairstyles; we nurture and enhance the beauty that's uniquely yours. Join us in our pursuit of hair perfection, and let your hair tell a story of elegance and confidence.


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