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Blow Drying



Tired of spending hours on your hair every week? Join our Blow Dry Club from just £50/month and enjoy fabulous blowdrys!

Say goodbye to morning hair struggles and hello to effortless, salon-quality locks. Subscribe now to reclaim your precious time and always look your best.

Pick your hair type

  • Blowdry Club

    Every month
    +£10 Joining Fee
    Great for Fine / Medium Hair
    • 4 x Blowdrys Per Month
    • 20% Off Colours on Wednesday & Thursday
    • 10% Off All Services & Products
    • Bring 1 Friend Per Month for £10
    • Cancel Anytime
  • Blowdry Club Xtra

    Every month
    +£10 Joining Fee
    Perfect for Long / Thick Hair
    • 4 x Blowdrys Per Month
    • Xtra Long Appointments
    • 20% Off Colour on Wednesday & Thursday
    • 10% Off All Services & Products
    • Bring 1 Friend Per Month for £10
    • *Access to Color Wow VIP Blowdry Menu*
    • Cancel Anytime

Appointments are limited to 30 minutes on Blowdry Club and 45 minutes on Blowdry Club Xtra.

What's a Blowdry Club?

bdry club1.webp

Want to look amazing every day without breaking the bank? Our Blow Dry Club is the answer! You'll get 4 x blow drys that will keep you looking fabulous without the constant salon bills. 


Great hair is your best accessory, and we're here to help you shine, so you can walk out of our salon with the perfect hair every time. Boost your confidence and join us now for a monthly dose of self-assured beauty from just £50/month.

Our professional stylists are highly trained in creating fabulous looks and we use suitable salon-quality products for your hair type to keep your hair looking and feeling healthier, whilst giving you a well deserved pamper!

If you visit us once per week for your blowdry you'll be paying just £12.50 per blowdry! That's a saving of over £60 a month

How It Works...


  • Blowdry appointments are 30 minutes each for 'Blowdry Club' and 45 minutes each for 'Blowdry Club Xtra'

  • Appointments can be booked no earlier than 48 hours prior.

  • Members receive perks of 20% off colours on Wednesday and Thursday as well as 10% of all services and products anytime.

  • Blowdry Club Xtra includes Color Wow VIP Blowdry Menu.

  • Appointments must be booked through our online booking portal only.

  • Members can choose from three finishes; straight, curly or volume.

  • Members may only have one appointment booked at any one time.

  • Each member can bring a friend for one appointment every month as part of their membership for £10

  • There is a limited number of members per month.

  • Members will be automatically debited for the following month.

  • Members will be offered plenty of off peak and last minute appointments – peak times will be limited.

Color WOW
VIP Blowdry Menu

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 21.46.34.png
blowdry menu color wow.jpeg


Blowdry appointments are limited to 30 minutes on 'Blowdry Club'.  If you have extensions, extra long / thick hair or if we feel you require a 45 minute appointment, there is a surcharge of £10 payable for each appointment. 
Blowdry appointments are limited to 45 minutes on 'Blowdry Club Xtra' however if you require an hour long appointment then there is a surcharge of £10. 

Appointment slots are subject to availability upon booking and you can not choose a preferred stylist, they are randomly allocated. You must manage your blowdry club bookings solely online, and can not be managed via telephone except for exceptional circumstances or our platform is unavailable. You will be given a promo code to enter which will allow you to book a membership blowdry with no charge on our booking portal. Sue is exempt from the 'Blowdry Club' and 'Blowdry Club Xtra'.

You are entitled to 20% off any colour service on Wednesday & Thursday except in December as well as 10% off all services and retail products (excluding electrical items) which can be used at anytime. The blowdry club can not be added to any colour or technical appointments with the exception of Wednesday & Thursdays. 

Appointments on busy days such as Friday & Saturday may be limited due to high demand.

If you do not show up to your appointment, there will be a charge of a blowdry at standard salon pricing. Should you be more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, (in some cases) we can unfortunately no longer complete the service due to timing schedules and you will, therefore be charged a £10 fee.

You can bring 1 friend with you once a month as part of your membership, your friend will enjoy a a discounted blowdry for just £10. Your friend must call the salon and quote your name and membership number to book the appointment, do not book their appointment through the online booking portal.

You may throughout your appointment be prompted to add an upgrade to your appointment which is completely optional, although this could enhance your experience and results. The upgrade is then charged at the end of the appointment, separate to your subscription. 

The membership fee is £50 per month for 'Blowdry Club' and £69 per month for 'Blowdry Club Xtra', taken by direct debit. We reserve the right to increase this price once per year and is subject to inflation based on the retail price index (RPI)+ 3.9%. 

Fair Usage Policy: There is a limit of 4 blowdrys per month (in any 12 month period). To allow other members to have booking availability, you can not book more than one blow dry at a time and you must book your blowdry up to a maximum of 48 hours in advance, or the blowdry will be subject to standard salon pricing.

Requests for hair braiding, wedding hair, upstyles, prom styles, use of accessories or unless otherwise stated within this contract, will not be upheld and these services will be part of the standard salon pricing for blowdrys and upstyles. 

Our payment provider is Stripe which will handle your subscription payments and our website is provided by Wix which holds your personal data in a secure server. Bookings will be made on Salon IQ software and may also hold personal data on a secure server. 

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by either cancelling online or call the salon for a member of the team to cancel it for you. You will need to give 30 days notice to cancel. We reserve the right to cancel memberships at any given time.

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